What? Has it been One Year?!?

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What? Has it been One Year?!?

News from the Olive Valley crew

It’s hard to fathom, but Olive Valley is already one year old! And what a year it’s been. The members are flooding in, or as close to ‘flooding’ as you can get in Mallorca. For on this tiny island with not many people there are more entrepreneurs than you can shake a stick at, which you as a keen follower of our website and Facebook pages will have noticed.

Olive Valley members are a bunch of people who are very different when it comes to background, work, interests, ideas and almost everything else, but they have two things in common: Creativity and a willingness to work hard to succeed.

So today we would like to re-introduce you to some of the fun and interesting people on our books. What have they been doing since they willingly let themselves be interviewed and not quite so willingly photographed?

Beverly Pugh, Vegan and Raw. Health guru [www.veganandraw.es]
Visit her restaurant in Plaza de Bisbe for a health-bringing smoothie which, although it contains vegetables, is actually delicious! Your humble scribe took one for the team [https://olivevalley.com/pioneer-spirit/] and can attest to its health giving properties.

“The restaurant is progressing just like the vegan movement but there is
still a lot of work to be done to help people understand and to become
aware of the importance on a planetary level of becoming vegan.

My goal as always is to help people and the world to become more
conscious and to know that by changing our way of eating this also
changes our way of thinking consequently, more positivity, less
anger, wars, rage, child abuse and rape.”

There you have it, folks. More raw food, fewer wars. It seems to be a good rule to live by.

Then there is the affable Miguel Pereiras from Hustle Got Real, [https://olivevalley.com/happiness-is-a-good-team/] one of the more interesting company names in our group, as well as the country. The highest wish of this dropshipping expert was to work in a team, and now he is. Not surprisingly he is all sunny optimism in the email all the way from Mallorca’s Silicone Valley, Parc Bit:

“Our team is growing. We just hired a new software developer to help us further develop the system. Two months ago we also closed our first investment round! Not only that, we have just launched our new website (https://www.hustlegotreal.com), available in English and Spanish.” Congratulations, Miguel! The hustle is getting more and more real for you. I mean, your team!

Swedish Peter Irblad, [https://olivevalley.com/the-anti-cable-guy/] hater of clutter and cables in particular, is also doing well. He found his shared workspace premises while relaxing with a coffee after trying and failing to become a member of a tennis club and…

” The business is running well! All the offices are rented out and also most of the desks. [https://panteon.house/en_GB/] In total we are now roughly 25 people working in the offices. The market niche of high-end professional co-working seems to be doing well, and I have had very few contract cancellations (only two, but both of them due to the client leaving Mallorca).
Dogs love the space, we now have frequent visits not only of our own dogs but also a few of my clients regularly brings their dogs. The office is still largely clutter and cable free a year later and I have finally been accepted into the tennis club…”

Oh! Isn’t it every dog owner’s dream to be able to be able to take your furry friend with you to work?

Bubbly Emma Boardman [https://olivevalley.com/playing-your-way-to-linguistic-glory/] who only six years ago was a (bored) housewife living in England thinking about what she would do with her time, has certainly come a long way. Her Bambini Lingo language classes are going from strength to strength it seems:

“Our signature language classes for under 6’s have grown in popularity and our franchises have waiting lists in several areas.

We have developed the business model further to include our own digital platform to allow customer interactions via a subscription model, to all the music, games, videos, worksheets and learning content in nine languages.

We have also written the concept and initial storyboards for the Bambini Lingo TV series, which we’ll be pitching to broadcasters in the spring.

We are starting the funding process for this round of development at the end of February 2020.
If anyone would like more information regarding this investment opportunity, please email emma@bambinilingo.co.uk”

Do you remember the winner of Olive Valley’s business pitching extravaganza last June? The affable Walter Coletti [https://olivevalley.com/the-master-of-internet-things/] had developed an app, a kind of remote air conditioning control for the AirBnb host or small hotel owner, which could save a ton of electricity:

“ We are right now moving from the product-market fit phase, in which we validate problems, solutions and market, to the beginning of a scale-up phase in which we want to build a company.

In January we got more customers than the ones we had in the entire 2019. So we definitely changed speed now. But we have to get organized and change processes and operations

We just released a second version of the product. This is an advanced version that brings several new functionalities and benefits for the property managers.

We have our first full time employee, a technical guy responsible for installations and support here in Mallorca.
We are discussing with some potential customers in Barcelona, Malaga and Madrid and Italy as well.”

My first ‘victim’ as I jokingly call the people I interview, mainly because I force them to pose for photographs, was the great videographer Oliver Hernández Bürckert who also made the video of our Dragon’s Den event [https://olivevalley.com/oliver-hernandez-burckert-of-looping/]. From his modest studio in Gremi des Fusters he fires off a rather succinct but optimistic missive:
“I feel very positive about video marketing for this 2020! Clients are becoming more aware of their need to invest in it and campaigns are working even better than the years before in terms of measurable return of investment. I think 2020 will be a great year!”

It seems that moving pictures are the way forward in all sorts of marketing.
Daniele Antoniani , Joe Poehlein and their Play for Life, [https://olivevalley.com/bang-bang-youre-alive/] a charitable organisation where a percentage of money online gamers pay will go to deserving causes in third world countries, were among the popular favourites at Dragon’s Den.

Antoniani answers from El Sindicat: “Since last year, personally many things changed and fortunately so far all in the right way. Professionally also quite good, not many things changed but slowly and constantly we are moving forward.

In PlayForLife we reviewed part of our “business model”, have a new entry in the group that will help with marketing and creativity, and most of all we have a good concrete project to support in Cambodia.https://www.instagram.com/bunhoeunapp/
We have the goal to go actively live this year…”

Energetic Italian Manuel Parvesi is also busy these days. Last time we spoke, his idea of providing electric scooters to locals and tourists alike was still on the drawing board, but now you can see his iconic bright green scooters everywhere. [https://olivevalley.com/hes-on-a-roll-kick-starting-the-green-transport-economy/]

“Recently we’ve had some cash flow shortage, but we were able to tackle it and we are now sailing in very good waters. The business is expanding considerably, the whole fleet of scooters is working, and important contracts have been signed. The amount of vehicles will double this spring as the company is also moving into other locations, also outside Mallorca. We have reached on schedule the critical mass we were targeting and are happy to see the business growing month by month even now in the low season. Our strategy and our value proposition are paying back our efforts so far but we are fully aware we still have lot to do to be always ahead.”

Finally we get to cool and laid-back Swede Fredrik Norrbin, [https://olivevalley.com/how-to-attract-clients-by-doing-nothing-fredrick-norrbin-interview/ the SEO expert who “attracted customers by doing nothing”. When Olive Valley talked to him, he was actually quite busy (as we suspect he has been the whole time):

“We are on a roll! SEO Iberica have quadrupled our turnover since I last talked with you. In addition we are starting two online shops in Sweden and one in the Netherlands. I am very content!” That sounds great. I think there are many creative and talented people on this island who could benefit from a deeper understanding of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) works. Would Norrbin be interested in doing a workshop of some sort?
“Do you know, a few months ago I was actually thinking of setting up and organising a workshop myself, but then I got too busy! However, I certainly would accept an invitation to do a workshop and help people understand SEO better.” [www.seo-iberica.com/mallorca]

See? SEO! It works!
And so does Olive Valley. We work to bring YOUR company to the attention of the world!

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