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Owner and Director of the MoreNiche affiliate network, a health affiliate network based in Nottingham, Glasgow & Hamburg. An established SME, we employ 90+ passionate people who live by our core values service, excellence and passion.

We continue to grow at a fast pace and are expanding into additional markets, in 2016 our affiliates have sold products into 188 different countries and operating in many different languages.


Full Biography

I was fortunate enough to have started tinkering with the internet before it became mainstream, my father was an IT technician and has a passion for technology. He had a modem installed in our home before any school in the city.

In the 90’s the internet was extremely slow, we had to pay by the minute. I remember having to connect, download my email messages and disconnect right away to avoid racking up huge phone bills.

As things evolved and prices started to drop, I would spend more and more time online. During the early days I worked a paper round and then as a shop assistant, enabling me to cover the phone bills, purchase domain names, hosting and any other bits I needed to tinker and cook up plans to make my millions.

My first real ‘holy cow’ moment came at the age of 16 when I sold my first website for $13,000, that was a lot of money back then!

I came across affiliate marketing, although at the time I don’t believe it was actually known as that. Ebay would pay me for every visitor I sent to them, even if they clicked straight off their website, as you can imagine, it was easy to abuse.

As an internet marketer back then you needed to learn website management, design, html, search engine optimisation, paid advertising, email marketing and much more. I learnt all of this before my 18th birthday.

In 2001 I started my degree in Computer Science, although I loved web development most of the degree was way to nerdy for me, I spent most of the 3 years enjoying the student lifestyle.

When leaving university I went into business with a childhood friend, we would source products from the USA and sell them worldwide. We sold them on our own websites and developed an affiliate program to allow others to promote these products and earn commissions. We did not know it at the time but this would eventually morph into MoreNiche (more on this later).

Just a few years later we were generating over $12million per year in revenue. This all came through organic growth, bootstrapped through profit. I worked from home initially and then we moved into a small rundown office. I remember having a meeting with a credit card processing rep from a large corporate company, her face was quite a picture when she turned up at our rundown offices and was presented with a couple of children.

Every business has its challenges, I remember one night working a solid 36 hour shift because we were suffering from a DDOS attack and none of our websites were working.

Other such challenges were a credit card processing company ‘going bankrupt’ costing the business over $600,000 worth of profit and a supplier selling us 10,000 units of premium product, only to find out it was sawdust.

One of the most important lessons I have learnt over the years is that success cannot be achieved on your own, a business no matter how big or small is really just a collection of people working towards a common goal. It’s these people that will make something a successful or not.

In 2012 I acquired 100% of MoreNiche and set to work growing the business. From 2012 to 2016 I grow the network aggressively, we had 20 employees, over 200,000 affiliates we sold products in over 188 countries.

As an entrepreneur, I often drive down the street and dream of all the possibilities, cafe’s up for sale, or hotels which need renovating. I constantly need to reining myself in, ensuring that I don’t action all the ideas I have.

This entrepreneurial spirit is what constantly drives me forward. In February 2016 myself, my partner Rachel, our two border terriers and our two cats relocated to Mallorca (Spain). It has always been an ambition of mine to live in a warmer climate and I am constantly trying to find the right work-life balance.  

Today, my main business has over 90 employees and we generate a turnover of over $30million per year. We have 20+ successful ecommerce brands and continue to grow quickly.

As an entrepreneur I love to help other business owners, I have setup Olive Valley which is a business growth community and investment fund for businesses based in Mallorca. Our aim is to help entrepreneurs scale their businesses quickly by leveraging the experience of people like myself and others.

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