Happiness is a Good Team

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Happiness is a Good Team

Miguel Pieras of Hustle Got Real

If Miguel Pieras hadn’t been so charming, beaming and suffused with such cheery bonhomie and boundless enthusiasm, I might have wanted to punch him. At least slap.

For don’t you think he has the audacity to complain – to the degree that this man is able to complain – that he wishes he had started earlier!

Look, he has a thriving company with 6 employees. He has customers in 25 countries using the software he has invented, for selling stuff online without the need for stock or storage. He is 31 years old … and he has only been at it for a year and a half!

But no, “my one regret is that I didn’t start my company Hustle Got Real earlier, here, instead of working as a developer in London for such a long time,” he says.

Grrrr… but as I said, it’s impossible not to like this genial and affable young man. So there will be no punching today. But a little envy is allowed, isn’t it?

My one regret is that I didn’t start my company earlier

Also, when I say “at it for a year and a half,” that is not exactly the truth. For like every other successful entrepreneur, Pieras has put in his fair share of elbow grease.

“Yes, when I was young, I stayed at home studying while my friends went out partying. They seemed to live for the weekend, whereas I was planning for the future. And guess what – the nerdiness paid off!” he smiles.

“I studied computer software engineering here in Mallorca,” the Mallorcan native continues.

“I was a good student but not brilliant. In fact, it’s only now I understand why they were teaching us what they did, at college. I suppose I needed the practical experience. I grew up with computers and have always been interested in new things. So after about a year into my first job, in software development, I started feeling stuck. The work felt rigid and wasn’t creative enough. That’s when the seed for Hustle Got Real was sown,” he explains.

“Because not very deep down, I knew I needed to create my own thing and be my own boss.”

“So in 2013 I moved to London and got a job, also in software development. I learnt a lot, but was it enough? Oh no. Fortunately, while I lived in London, I discovered drop shipping. What it means is selling products online without the need to have anything in stock. I started selling stuff on eBay and discovered that I liked it.

Yes, I do remember the first thing I sold – it was a mousetrap! It was really exciting. I started spending more and more time drop shipping, yes I even created my own video about it for online training. That made me really happy. I mean, I like coding and software too, but I had a nagging feeling it was not quite my thing.“

Another thing that wasn’t quite his thing was the grey weather in London, so in 2018 Pieras came back to Mallorca and started drop shipping in earnest. Interestingly, Joe, his supervisor from Juniper, the first company he worked for, who “took me under his wing and taught me everything” now wanted to come and work with Pieras!

“I realised how much I had needed to work with someone in a team,” he says. “Until August 2018 I had been working on my own, but with Joe on board, I could move towards what I really wanted: Having an office, colleagues, the feeling of working towards a goal together. That’s probably when Hustle started to get really Real.”

With an office in Parc Bit and a small team, as well as a couple of free-lance Filipinos to do customer service for his increasing number of international clients, Pieras had really arrived.

I realised how much I had needed to work with someone in a team

“In October the same year a second colleague, Ana, came onboard. Then in January Paulina started doing marketing for us… and then there was Joana, our business developer. I had actually met her at Parc Bit and she sort of drifted into the company” says Pieras, who can’t praise his staff and the general set-up and ambience of Parc Bit, enough. He would rather talk about his colleagues than himself, and tellingly, he stands towards the back when it comes to taking the photos.

“Everyone here in Parc Bit is so friendly and helpful and we really look out for one another. I enjoy coming into the office every morning. Everything is so much better with a team to share the happiness! Even before I started my first job, this is what I wanted. I had this vision, that I wanted to sell online, but I didn’t want to sit in a room by myself, alone with a screen. I saw myself always as part of a team, and dreamed of going to networking events, to start-up events…”

“Yes! I’m happy and fulfilled. I love my job, I love my friends and I love my home, Mallorca,” Pieras, who volunteers as a football coach in his spare time, says, nay, beams.

And isn’t that what all entrepreneurs, no matter what they do, are ultimately striving towards?

*And the name Hustle Got Real? It just means that when it was time to take the leap, Pieras took it without looking back. No more drop shipping at night while getting less and less interested in his day job – what was a side thing, the “hustle,”became the main thing. And it worked.

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