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Parc Bit Tech Companies Welcome New Metro Line

There are currently 3,000 people, working or travelling to the Parc Bit technological park, every single day. Due to the location of the Tech park, most workers have no option but to travel by bus or private car. However, as this technological hub of Mallorca expands, so are the opportunities on how you can travel…
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Oliver Hernández Bürckert of Looping

Riding the right crest at the right time Oliver Hernández Bürckert of Looping (Interviewed 26.2.2019) Oliver Hernández Bürckert opens the glass doors and welcomes us into his orderly, almost austere office in Son Castello with a big smile. It immediately becomes clear that he is filled with a bubbling enthusiasm for his chosen profession, which…
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New exchange programme opens US Talent for Tech Companies

Finding fresh new talent can be a challenge for most businesses. But when you are based on an island, your talent management programme needs to get creative. If you want to find and attract the best talent, you need to open yourself to different ideas. You may be on an island, but you can still…
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Olive Valley your new business growth community in Mallorca

Olive Valley is your new business community, helping entrepreneurs, founders and startups in Mallorca solve problems and achieve faster growth. We believe their is a gap in the market for an English speaking business growth community here on the Island. There are a number of groups supporting already successful businesses along with groups for Spanish…
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